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ATB Behavioral Health Services is dedicated to providing the highest quality mental health service in Farmington, New Mexico, and the surrounding area.

At ATB Behavioral Health Services, you will have mental health experts that are committed to giving you support that promotes strength and hope. They have a compassionate staff that is willing to help in any way that they can. You can be sure that they will do everything that they can to help improve your quality of life.


721 W Apache St.
Farmington, NM 87401

amber@atbbhs.com \\ Tel: (505) 947-9990

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ATB Behavioral Health Services welcomes all to their top-class mental health services. They are the number one mental health professionals in Farmington, NM and other nearby areas such as Aztec, Bloomfield, and Kirtland. They provide top notch services thanks to their vast experience, customer dedication, and commitment. Their company has a number of health experts specializing in various fields. Whether you are seeking family counseling, drug counseling or children’s mental health services, rest assured that they will provide you with any help you need to overcome your challenges. All their services are meant to promote and transform the lives of people affected by any mental health issues. 

At ATB Behavioral Health Services, their children’s mental health services play a significant role in improving the lives of young people. They help children and adolescents to overcome and cope with any challenges they face in their daily lives. They take into account the age of the child before settling for any approach. They help the child to explore their feelings, behaviors, relationships and any other issues affecting their lives. They involve the parents or caregiver in the progress of the child’s therapy, to bring about the desired result efficiently. Whether it’s anxiety, depression or aggression issues, their expertise will help your child function better at home and in school.

The mental health professionals at ATB Behavioral Health Services are fully licensed and insured to operate in Farmington, NM and other nearby areas. Their health experts undergo rigorous and continuous training to be on par with current health standards. They are easy to reach through their phone number, or you can contact them online. They are trustworthy, honest and their premium mental health solutions will help you and your family overcome any challenges you are facing. To ask any questions, or book an appointment with their top-class psychological experts, call them today.


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